Update Kitchen and Bath Fixtures for less $

Home Depot and Lowes are usually a pretty safe bet for finding the lowest prices under one roof. Specialty shops for plumbing, flooring, paint and other materials can be quite expensive and their locations can be hard to find. My Dad and brothers are General contractors and are quite loyal to smaller local businesses but I can’t afford the price tag or the running around from shop to shop.

Then there is Amazon. Let’s face it Amazon is a game changer for both time and money. Compare this faucet at Home Depot to the one at Amazon.



Yes the brands are different but installation and quality of materials are pretty similar.

The Home Depot one comes with a side sprayer but seriously for $10 more you can also get that from Amazon delivered to you door in 2 days for free!

I purchased the Vapsint and I am very happy with it!

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