Plank Wall


I have always wanted to do a plank wall! The hardest part was choosing a color or in my case the colors. I love the weathered white plank walls and the sharp satin ones but I really couldn’t choose just one. Honestly I was too cheap to buy any paint at all, not even primer. I brought up all the left over paints from the basement and chose five colors and then painted two coats on each plank. One of the colors was a metallic copper spray paint left over from Halloween. If you look closely you can see there is only one peach plank. That’s because I only had a tiny bit left of this color in the can.

I did spend money on the boards though. I was going to use boards from my parents old fence that had been bleached out. They were really cool looking and I liked the idea of reclaiming wood and repurposing it. Turns out several of my siblings had already claimed them, or should I say reclaimed. Haha! Get it?

Ok seriously. The fence is still standing up, by the way, in my parents yard. My dad has been saying that he is going to replace the fence for years. So nobody has them yet. I’m not much waiting so I bought the tongue and groove planks from Home Depot. They are light and straight, making them much easier to install. Not to mention the tongue and groove.


I had Home Depot cut for me mainly so they would fit into my car. Turns out the guy cut them all an inch too short. Every single one. Lucky for me, the remainder of each board was actually longer so I could still use them and cut them myself.

Next I laid them on my kitchen floor and painted them. Then I took the left over paint from the other walls and added water to it. Then I rubbed it on over each color to give all the colors some cohesiveness to each other and to the bathroom as a whole. It also gives it a nice aged look.


That was before the white wash. Pretty bright huh? Next I nailed them onto the wall using a brad nailer and compressor. Honestly you could glue them on or whatever you wanted because the tongue and groove holds it in place.


For the final touch I added pegs to hang towels on. I got them from Ikea. And that was it.

2015-07-10 01.53.31

Happy Planking!

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