Making Pies With Your Fall Harvest

imageAfter you have made a fresh pie with Fresh picked apples, peaches, pumpkins or squash; you will never go back to canned pie filling.

Fresh pies are so much better for your body and the taste is incredible! I used to shy away from cooking pumpkins. I don’t even like to carve them for Halloween. They are tough to cut, slimy and messy. Then my son wanted to plant a pumpkin patch one year. I think he meant to get jack o lanter pumpkin seeds but we ended up planting the small ones that you cook with by accident.
Yes his name really is Lynus. The pumpkins were so small and cute. We painted some of them for Halloween. We gave as many away as we could but there were so many that I knew I was going to have to cook them.
I decided to be lazy and just rinse off the pumpkins and put them straight in the oven. I didn’t cover them with foil or anything. When they were done, they were so soft you could cut them in half with a butter knife. The peelings just slid right off and the seeds were easily scooped out with a spoon.

Let me just say these were the best pumpkin seeds I had ever tasted. I rinsed the pulp off in a colander and put them back in the oven on a cookie sheet with some salt. They were light and crispy, not fibrous and chewy like some I have tasted. These popped in your mouth. Yum!

The meat of the pumpkin had a texture much like canned pumpkin, not stringy at all. I just scooped it into containers and put them in the freezer except for 2 cups that I wanted to use right then for pie. So delicious! I like pumpkin pie from a can but now that I have had this, Oh my goodness, I will never go back to canned! You can buy the little cooking pumpkins in the grocery store, but if they aren’t in season you can also use a butternut squash or acorn squash.

Recipe for one Pie

2 cups pumpkin
2 eggs
3/4 cup of maple syrup or sugar ( add a little maple extract if using sugar)
3/4 cup of milk or cream or yogurt
2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice (ginger, cinnamon and cloves))
1 Tablesppon of flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt

Blend with an Emerson blender, pour into crust, bake 350 degrees for 45 minutes. I like to top the pie with pumpkin seeds the last fifteen minutes of the baking time. Then with whipped cream when serving.

Now for the crust…. You can buy a crust of course, but if you want to make one, it’s really simple. In a food processor put a cube of butter sliced up, 1/2 t. Salt, 1 cup of flour. I use the Namaste gluten free flour but you can use any flour even blended up oats will work. Pulse blend slowly adding 1/4 cup of ice cold water and the salt. Keep pulsing until it’s a nice dough ball that pulls away from the edge of the bowl. If you use gluten free flour then you will want to decrease the water and add an egg to make it hold together better. Refrigerate the dough for a half an hour so that it will roll out nicely. If it sticks rub oil on your rolling pin. Don’t use flour. Roll it out, spray your pan, drop it in and poke some holes in it with a fork and you are ready for filling. If you are in a hurry, you can skip the refrigeration step and just press it into the pan without rolling it.

Apple Pie:
Peel and cut up two Granny Smith tart apples and one red apple of your choice into tiny pieces. Layer the pie crust with slices of butter, Apple pieces, and sugar. Sprinkle each layer with apple pie spice blend. Cover the pie with a top crust if you’d like. We top the finished pie with ice cream and caramel sauce.

Peach Pie:
I don’t care much for cooked peaches but my kids like it. Follow the same process for peaches that you would for Apple. But if you want a cold fresh peach pie like I do, cook the crust ahead of time and fill it with fresh peach slices. Mix a little jam mixed with some sweetened gelatin and pour over the top. Not too much though. Refrigerate and top with whipped cream. I don’t use any spice on this one.

If you can’t choose what type of pie you want then get out your muffin tins and let the kids make little pies of all different kinds!


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